Community IMPACT, Inc.

Our Mission is to be a catalyst for creatively unleashing abundant resources so as to offer communities authentic community.

We prefer not to duplicate efforts but offer existing community-based organizations with:
  • Values-Based Governance
  • Sustainable Stewardship
  • Leadership Development
  • Coordinated Collaboration

Our organization continually gathers community-based events and programs already present and available to serve. We simply offer coordinated communications necessary to serve and advance a measurable community impact aligned with these initiatives:

a) Ensure every child is prepared for K w/ capacity to learn;

b) Eliminate academic achievement gap;

c) Eliminate waiting list for children, youth, & families who seek a mentor;

d) Engage and inspire students and employers to eliminate the plague of presenteeism;

e) Eliminate re-offense rate within county jails & state prisons;

f) Eradicate the obesity epidemic and heart disease;

g) Everyone has safe and affordable housing.

This online store grants us the privilege to coordinate event registrations, program enrollments, and products related to these community initiatives. We are grateful for the support from Volusion for their faithful provision of this e-commerce solution.

Together, we increase everyone's capacity to impact entire communities while empowering community-based organizations to most effectively reach families in need of their unique services.

Contact Us:

CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

953 Hickory Lane;
Neenah, WI 54956 USA
(800) 725-5276